Wednesday, January 14, 2015

BMO on a Downward Spiral since Mr. Fish's policy on TWU hit the Fan .. Move Your #money ...Your #mortgage Your #investing Your #Finance NOW!!

#Money #Investing  #Finance  #Mortgage                                                                                   1120   Bank of Montreal  From 82.00 a few weeks ago.
Down to: $75.76

and   Bank Of Montreal  
Down to :   BMO  $63.36  from 70.00 A few weeks ago

is Mr. FISH gettin it yet ..

Blogger note:

Firing Mr. Fish for concocting, embarking, executing BMO s policy along with 72 companies on such a trajectory is not enough.

The 72 companies compared with the 72 virgins promised to the militant front men in the Qu’ ran maybe a comparison.. Suicidal militants are promised 72 virgins in heaven …Did BMO promise the same to its secular martyrs…I doubt it!  

Now what on earth can this be compare too: 72 Companies adhering to such a policy …
I wish to see letters from each and every one of those companies before passing judgment.

Note to @BMO Put your money where your mouth is #BMO. Drop all or refuse to accept the money of all you clients that do not wholeheartedly subscribe to your upfront enunciated policy.

Without prejudice


PS Bloggers note: some say HOLD ... some say A+ ... all the while the ship is on a:
downward spiral 


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