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The #BMO #TWU Saga Bloggers (reaction) response to article - Mama Takes On The World: Nova Scotia court exposes anti-Christian prejudice...:

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Read article at:  Mama Takes On The World: Nova Scotia court exposes anti-Christian prejudice...:
 Here's a salute to the courage of Justice Jamie Campbell of the Nova Scotia Supreme Court, who ruled in favour of Trinity Western Uni...
Bloggers (re-action) Response:

The letter that Bullied Law Associations came from BMO
published here:

How on earth can we let the legal elite shepherd by Mr.Fish at BMO* off the HOOK here ...,.. see my Blog and the last 30 posts   or pick a few below. 
* Bank of Montreal

HERE ARE THE BULLIES = BMO + 72 corporations they CANNOT be left OFF the hook. I challenge all the 72 Corps. to distance themselves ASAP from BMO and the TWU issue ..  link

 BMO HATEFUL BULLY. Trinity Western affair a trial of Canadian civility and tolerance

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  1. see also

    Lega' Leaders
    for Diversity
    VIA FAX TO: 613-236-7233
    August 16, 2013
    Mr. Gerald Tremblay
    National Committee of Accreditation
    c/o Federation of Law Societies of Canada
    World Exchange Plaza
    45 O'Connor Street
    Suite 1810
    Ottawa, Ontario, K1P 1A4
    Dear Mr. Tremblay:
    We welcome the opportunity to provide this submission on behalf of Legal Leaders for
    Diversity ("LLD"). LLD is an organization of over 70 general counsel from Canadian
    corporations across Canada. We are responding to Trinity Western University's application
    for an assessment of whether its proposed common law program meets the Federation's
    national requirements. The LLD is dedicated to encouraging diversity and inclusion in our
    own businesses and co-operating to foster these values throughout the legal profession and the
    larger Canadian business community.
    The LLD supports the role of the Federation in determining whether new law degree programs
    meet national standards for entry to law society licensing programs across Canada and
    commends the Special Advisory Committee for its consultation with interested members of the
    public on this matter.
    We understand that Trinity Western University would request that its students sign a covenant
    which would, among other things, require them to abstain "from sexual intimacy that violates
    the sacredness of marriage between a man and a woman" and if "a student, in the opinion of
    the University, is unable, refuses or fails to Jive up to their commitment, the University
    reserves the right to discipline, dismiss, or refuse a student's re-admission to the University."
    The LLD's view is that, such an open exclusion of gay, lesbian and bi-sexual law students is
    discriminatory. Furthermore, the establishment of a law school that would reduce the
    opportunity for entry for gay, lesbian and bi-sexual students would impose a quota system on
    these students, which is unacceptable.
    See Mission Statement, Diversity Renewal, Legal Leaders for Diversity, online: littp:ZZl
    galleadersfordiversi! about
    See the Student Handbook (Sept. 2011 - Sept. 2012), Trinity Western University, online:
    http: / / studenthandbook/university-policies/student.accountability-process.html.
    Page 2/..
    Mr. Gerald Tremblay
    National Committee of Accreditahon
    As part of the LLD's ongoing commitment to diversity in the workplace we launched "Be an
    Advocate" initiatives, a key priority of which is to hire froma diverse pool.
    A quota system
    for any law school would not be aligned with the LLD's core values and, we respectfully
    submit, the Federation's Vision Statement of "acting in the public interest by strengthening
    Canada's system of governance of an independent legal profession, reinforcing public
    confidence in it and making it a leading example for justice systems around the world."
    In light of the foregoing, we urge the Federation to carefully consider whether Trinity Western
    University's application and, in particular, the covenant it intends to impose on its students,
    violates the spirit of the legal profession and Canadian law, including the protections afforded
    by the
    Rights and Freedoms
    and human rights legislation in all provinces and
    Yours truly,
    Executive Commiftee, Legal Leaders for Diversity
    Ke ii
    Tejre Lynn Dvthah Simnn Fib
    A Mhr
    ( l5nv.i'Urood
    Gnnn,,I C
    Gwir,cal Cnune
    GeiiejI Counsel .
    Cci,r,I uuse
    Cej4?ØI counsel
    Gruerul Ceunsel
    Deluilte Cunath
    AO Cussed,
    BMO PluoncOl Group
    Kello5g Canuda Inc
    l5ZPinar,ciul Group
    Xean Canada
    Pension Plan
    See lIe an Advocate Initiatives, Legal Leaders for Diversity, online:
    See Our Vision Statement, Federation of Law Societies of Canada, online; http;/ /